Business.  There’s a lot of ’em, and they’re everywhere.  So, what are you going to do to make sure that you have the opportunity to take it all on in terms of eliminating your competition in the marketplace?  Social media.  Yup, that means Twitter and Facebook and maybe even Instagram.  The thing is, there are still some die-hard thinkers that don’t believe the importance of social media in its relation to business.  So, let’s take it apart piece by piece and see why it is just so important for modern businesses to take on.

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Free exposure: While creating ads on Facebook or Twitter may not be free, exactly, promoting your ad organically on these popular social media websites is going to be free.  You’ll be able to help more people see it, who may retweet it or share it and you will access all of their contacts.  It’s passive exposure that will get you out to a huge market in no time to give you all of those benefits that you could hope for.


Encourages customer interaction: Through social media, customers feel a lot more comfortable reaching out to ask questions and get advice or more information in relation to your company.  So, you’ll be able to interact with your customer in a way that actually means something to both them and you and you’ll see where your triumphs and fails are much easier.  This is valuable information that will help you out in terms of your company policy and your techniques down the line.


Connect to other companies easily: With Twitter (the prime example), you can easily keep an eye on your competition and connect to other similar businesses so that you can all form a network of sorts so that you can take it all on and see what you need to change.  The expression “keep your friends close and your enemies closer” can apply here when it comes to making sure that you are always keeping up with the competition so that you can overtake them with the time comes to do so.


This is great especially in looking to make your ads more successful.  You can scope out the competition and learn from their mistakes and triumphs to enhance your own skill.


Makes online marketing easy and faster: One of the main perks of online marketing to think about is the fact that you will have access to it easier and without as much of a delay.  You can put your ads up and target the proper people with them.  You’ll also find that most social media websites will help you to find your target audience with their advanced metrics.  You can even zoom in on a certain location, too.  The future really is now when it comes to marketing.


On that same note, you’ll also be able to see, live, how your ad is performing.  You’ll know when you need to change something up, or when you simply need to keep it the same so that you will be able to always get the best effect for your time and effort spent in marketing.


Increase traffic to your website: Using social media to drive people to your website is a great idea.  You can make sure that you always get the right kind of appeal in terms of the post, and then you simply link them to your blog or your website to read/learn more on the topic.  It will give you the right support to make sure that as many people know about your website and its benefits as possible.  This will be helpful in making sure that you put your website to good use, too, so that it will all work out properly.


Give your SEO a boost: SEO is the basis on modern-day searching, so by connecting to people (and connecting it back to your website), you’ll be able to enjoy some boosting in your SEO.  This will rank you higher in search engines and offer even more chances to get seen by all sorts of new customers.  The more it happens, the higher you’ll rank, and the more that people will see you as a result.  It can be a very good cycle, you just need to break into it properly!


Enhance existing connections: An important part of the modern day business is making sure that you keep customers coming back.  You will need to always focus on making sure their voices are heard and their questions are answered.  Social media will give you that connection between company and customer and also will make them feel that they really are important, which is a good goal to work toward.


You want to keep them coming back and even to bring their friends.   The key to that, of course, is through making sure that you are really putting together the proper kind of effort in communication and the right content in putting yourself out there.


The bottom line:

What does this all mean?  Simply put, social media is how you are going to stay up to date with your modern customers and it will allow you to stay ahead (or at par) with your competition so that you can always make sure that your name is in the running for a winner.  When you stay “offline”, you are seriously and severely limiting your potential customer pool, and you may find that your refusal to go online will even drive some people away, as it could be a red flag.  You need to adapt to the times -as annoying as they may seem – to make sure that you live to fight another day.  Social media, regardless of the platform that you start with, is absolutely the best way to do that for your own benefits and enjoyment, professionally speaking.  Who knows, you may even come to enjoy it over time and really

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