Running a small business is very rewarding but filled with challenges that every small business owner must address.  Learning where to attract new customers and keep existing customers coming back is at the forefront of those challenges.  Making the right choices is vital. You simply can’t afford to waste time with anything that doesn’t deliver results.

One great choice is Email marketing.

It has been proven to be one of the most cost-effective and beneficial ways to promote any small business. It gives any small business the power to reach customers directly, where they are hanging out…in their inbox.

Studies have shown that Email marketing is 40-45 times more effective than Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or Instagram combined. This is powerful news for any company, large or small, and should not be ignored. The risk is just too high not to use it. Small businesses need an edge to survive alongside the big guys and E-mail marketing is the way. Using Email marketing will level the playing field and allow your small business to reach sales goals quicker along with increased Return on Investment (ROI) and added conversions.

There are many benefits of email marketing that will give immediate results. Doing more business is just the start! The advantages are astounding and here are a few incredible reasons we found for you to begin using it immediately!

  1. Provides a Direct Connection with your Audience
  2. Increased Brand Awareness
  3. Skyrocket Conversion Rates
  4. Lead Your Customers to Your Landing Pages
  5. Allows Your Company To Get Personal with Your Customers
  6. Makes Your Content Shareable Across Social Platforms
  7. Truly Cost Effective
  8. Email Results Can Be Analyzed Easier
  9. Builds Your Company’s Credibility
  10. Generates More Sales Calls and Inquiries
  11. Allows Easier Communication With Customers
  12. Keep Your Business In Your Customers Mind
  13. Allows Reaching Customers on Any Device

Good advice would be to start writing out a plan of attack. Develop a simple email marketing strategy before you get started sending emails to your leads and customers. Getting a plan will make sure your email messages are organized, meaningful and direct to get the results you want.

Any small business will work hard to build successful email marketing campaigns that help connect with customers. You will too. Hard work is good so take advantage of the incredible opportunity. Plan how you will engage your ideal targeted audience. Make sure to use and test different tactics. Find out what works and what does not. In the end, this will help you with your overall marketing, your budget and maximize results.

The benefits are huge in Email marketing and as a small business, you want to grab the opportunities that only email marketing can provide. Sit down and put technology to work for you by focusing on specific strategies that will hopefully drive sales to your door and keep them knocking to come in. That is the name of the game.

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