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Social Media Advertising for SMBs: 8 Positive Outcomes for Small Businesses

Billions of people can be reached through social media.

That fact alone should attract businesses of every size to social media platforms. It is one of the easiest ways to build a brand. When it is done correctly, the cost to increase traffic levels and improve conversion rates can be very minimal.

The importance of an active social media advertising campaign cannot be overstated. You gain the opportunity to expand the reach of your brand for a minimal cost. Here are some of the positive outcomes which could happen for your small business when you get started.

Advantages of Social Media Advertising for Small Businesses

#1. Brands receive instant feedback.

Traditional advertising methods may require several days or weeks before your brand can reach out to targeted demographics. With social media advertising, you are putting your message in front of your core consumers immediately. The ability to share valuable information gives you instant feedback within your community to see if your efforts will be successful.

#2. Your traffic receives a boost.

Social media advertising offers a potential boost of traffic to your primary landing pages. It can also increase the length of time visitors spend on your site. If it is not done correctly, however, your social media bounce rates may increase instead of decrease.

To maximize your traffic, share valuable content consistently through your advertising efforts. Make sure your content is visible to your core demographics. Get a strong call-to-action in there. Then make sure the traffic coming from social media knows how to navigate to the other pages on your site.

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#3. It builds brand loyalty.

People who feel like your brand is accessible are more likely to interact with your small business. Social media advertising allows people to safely share their opinions, ideas, or feedback with your business. Interacting with people when this happens helps to develop ongoing relationships.

Find your voice. Follow your marketing strategy. Be consistent with each interaction. In time, your targeted customer base will keep your brand at the top of their mind.

#4. Your brand becomes a thought leader.

Today’s consumer wants to work with businesses who are leading experts of their industry. Your goods or services should solve problems for the consumer, providing ongoing values that keep your brand desired. Take control of your industry niche by becoming a thought leader.

#5. Take control of your customer service experience.

Social media advertising should involve a customer service experience. Many consumers are turning to social media to have problems solved. It’s faster, more efficient, and you can choose the music you hear if you’re waiting for a response.

Customer service on social media means you’re solving problems on a public forum. Other consumers may have a similar issue. By seeing the resolution your brand provides to one person, they’ll know what to expect as a resolution for themselves.

#6. You gain retargeting advantages.

Social media platforms collect huge databases of information about their users. Unfortunately, most of the people who fit into your targeted demographics are not going to become paying customers. Even if they leave your site, social media advertising can include retargeting to bring them back to you. That allows you to remarket your brand to people who were initially interested in your pitch.

#7. It gives you a chance to tell your story.

The internet allows anyone to claim to be anything. Facts are not always verified – or verifiable. For that reason, small businesses can take advantage of a social media advertising campaign to create an authentic brand story.

By proving your authenticity as an SMB, you will naturally drive more people toward your brand. Make sure your story is original. It must be honest. Most importantly, the story must also be able to serve your core demographics in some way.

#8. There are cooperative opportunities available.

Does your SMB make a great product that goes well with another product? Then social media advertising can benefit both brands. Team up with other SMBs to offer promotions or giveaways that create interest in what you’re offering.

The benefit of cooperative advertising on social media is that you gain immediate access to the loyal customer base of the other brand. The trust they have in the other brand will be transferred to your brand.

Do You Have an Active Social Media Advertising Campaign?

If you’re not advertising on social media right now, then you’re not maximizing the potential of your brand.

It is an affordable option for small businesses. The possible advantages you’ll receive for the investment are numerous. When you get it right, the effect of social media advertising on small businesses is almost always possible.

Use these tips to begin creating your next advertising campaign today or contact us to get started!

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